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Awesome session tonight covering fundamental seiwakai kihon.

We always start the class with a good quality warm-up. Punishing and conditioning the body. Good fitness is a must!

Learning how to punch from the toes all the way up to the fist is a challenge. Understanding and, even better, feeling that from softness and relaxation you can deliver hard punches is an art and a science.

We worked on kicks and studied the hip rotation and foot work. Whilst the novice looks at the kicking leg, the attention must be placed on the supporting leg, the footwork and the hip.

Solid techniques cannot be delivered without solid stances.

We covered some basic japanese terminology for tsuki, uchi and geri wazas, as well as dachis. Somehow I like teaching using japanese terms and is only fair a student joins them.

Finished with a slow study of geikisai ichi for low grades. Very impressed in the speed capturing the sequences of the kata. Gives more time to polish and explaining the moves.

Good session. The devil’s in the details!

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