Goju Ryu Katas

Surrey Karate Academy

Now, this can be a little bit tricky because even within Goju Ryu, we have different lineages and each lineage include more or less katas. Also, the actual form of the kata as well as the application (bunkai) can differ within the same karate style.

As a student of the Oxford Karate Academy I’m graded by a panel including Japanese 8th and 9th Dan masters. Oxford Karate Academy is linked to 9th Dan, Shuji Tasaki Hanshi in Japan, head of Seiwa Kai.

Gekisai dai ichi
(Attack & Smash I) 

Geki means to “attack,” and Saimeans to “smash;” and as a compound Dai Ichimeans “the first” or “number one.”

Gekisai dai ni
(Attack & Smash II) 

Geki means to “attack,” and Saimeans to “smash;” and as a compound Dai Nimeans “the second” or “number two.”

(Three Battles) 

San means “three” and chin mean “battle.” (mind, body, and spirit)

(Rotating Palms) 

Ten means “turning” or “shifting,” andSho means “palm.”

(Smash & Destroy) 

Sai means “smash” or “break,” and Fameans “tear,” or “destroy.”

(To Control and Pull in Battle) 

Sei means “to control,” Yun means “to pull,” and Chin means “to do battle.”

(36 Hands) 

San mean three, Sei means “ten,” and Ru means “six.”

(Four Direction Battle) 

Shi means “four,” So means “direction,” and Chin means “battle”

(18 Hands) 

Sei means” ten,” and Pai means “eight”

(13 Hands) 

Sei means “ten” and San means “three.”

(control for a long time and suddenly defeat) 

Ku means “a long time,” Ru means “keep in place” or “stop from moving,”Runmeans “suddenly,” and Fa means “destroy” or “tear.”

(108 Hands) 

Su means “one,” Pa means “hundred,”Rin means “zero,” and Pei means “eight.”