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It has been a while since our last training blog and, although summer time is always more relaxing, by no means we haven’t been training for that long.

Last Friday training was a good session indeed. After our normal warm-up exercises we introduced a simple yet powerful crossfit workout of high intense training.

Fighting against the clock, we completed 3 times with no rest the following routine:

  • 40 squats
  • 30 sit ups
  • 20 seiken (knuckle) press-ups
  • 10 shoulder 4kg dumbbell lateral raise

This explosive workout was completed within 4 to 5 minutes, depending on condition, and the purpose is to compete against yourself: log the time you took and beat your own time next time. A very simple way to know if you are making progress with your own physical condition.

This routine is just one of many. Plenty more to come.

Class continued with kihon ido: sanchin and zenkutsu dachi sequences were covered and performed with power and kime. Special attention given to hikites and good form.

Extra kihon ido was introduced. With both legs on front:

  • Neko ashi dachi – kake uke (kake-te)
  • Shiko dachi -ura uchi (uraken)
  • Zenkutsu dachi – yako tsuki

At first on a straight line to work out sink in the sequence and feelings, but soon move to perform this on angles. This was practice at kumite speed and with kumite feeling. Good way to understand how absorb an attack and jump to strike twice and back protecting yourself after an attack.

A lot of leg work follow through with three of my favourite leg workouts was covered:

  • From heiko dachi, five kicks – four directions: mae geri, soto geri, ushiro geri, mawashi geri, ura mawashi geri
  • On a straight line: soto geri, ushiro geri, mawasi geri, ushiro mawashi geri
  • “The brush”, which I will post on a video on due course.

Various grappling drills were practised to finished what it was a highly physical and technical class allowing 10 minutes to practice mokuse on seiza, an aspect on karate often overlooked, and one I aim to bring back to our regular training.

A good session indeed!




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