SKA 2016 is back

SKA is back on the 4th January 2016.
We train Mondays @ 8:15pm – 10pm and Thursdays @ 8:30pm – 10pm at Riverbourne Leisure Centre, Chertsey.
Surrey Karate Academy is affiliated to Seiwakai which is an association within the wider JKF Goju Kai association, in Japan. Seiwakai was founded by Tasaki Shihan, who was one of Yamaguchi Gogen’s most competent fighters. Seiwakai is now chaired by Fujiwara Shihan and outside Japan by Leo Lipinski Shihan.
We are also associated to the Karate Jutsu Gakkai, chaired by Ben Craft Shihan. Ben is a 6th dan goju-ryu karateka and also holds a black belt in Ju-jutsu. We explore and train karate in a holistically manner and whilst we aim to grow within the Seiwakai family, we are also expanding our wings. We have plans in 2016 to develop our karate in an eclectic manner. Watch this space!
Like most karate academy’s we follow a well structured syllabus and work on kata, kihon and kumite, however we focus in very functional drills and our sparring can be pretty hard, yet is learnt in a modular basis. Kata analysis and its application in kumite is fundamental to what we do. Classes are planned with the upper most attention to detail, from warm up to etiquette.
What really sets SKA apart of other karate academy’s or clubs is the fact that SKA is a non-for-profit academy, thus we are not tied to commercial decisions which are essential when karate is how you make your living. All funds are used to pay rent, insurance, memberships and further training.
I teach and train with a range of 5-7 extremely focused and committed students, two of which are a 1st and 2nd dan respectively. Our size allows me to deliver bespoke and personalised classes to every single student, including myself.
Try something new in 2016, come and train with us!!!

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