Karate Jutsu Gakkai

Karate Jutsu Gakkai

Karate Jutsu Gakkai

Karate Jutsu Gakkai translates as Academy of Karate Methodology.

SKA is an active karate academy affiliated to Tasaki’s Seiwakai organisation, chaired by Fujiwara Sensei and, outside Japan, by Shihan Leo Lipinski.

SKA prides itself to be an inquisitive and forward thinking academy. We explore karate holistically: we look back and outside the ‘karate box’ in order to work out our way forward.

This adjustment in the direction of our small, but very focused academy is not new, but the result of a long journey. A process of karate evolution and growth, guided by Shihan Ben Craft whose words define the path clear: “a true scholar studies his chosen subject from all and every angle”.

On reflection an important conclusion we have reached is that Goju is a concept way deeper than that of a style. “Ho wa Gōjū wa Donto su (Everything in the university is breathing hard and soft)” says the Bubishi, Miyagi’s source of inspiration when naming his naha-te style.

When you try to adapt the Art to a specific style, you begin to constrain yourself. The style should be ergonomic to the man, not the man to the style, for each karateka is unique. When it comes to expressing the Art, each and everyone of us will do so in our own way.

As Bruce Lee beautifully captured in his timeless ‘Tao of Jet Kune Do’: “Having totality means being capable of following “what is,” because “what is” is constantly moving and constantly changing. If one is anchored to a particular view, one will not be able to follow the swift movement of “what is.”

At SKA, we look at fundamentals of Fujian White Crane kung-fu, elements of Wing Chun and, lately, Wushu. We study the comprehensive research conducted by Hanshi McCarthy as we think that overlooking these heritages is an academic crime. Thus, we embrace and train Koryu Uchinadi.

We pride ourselves to be loyal to our roots in Seiwakai, but also to grow wings to study, learn, move and evolve. Just like every living species: not adapting means dying and it is, precisely, in constant change, relentless exploration; and inner and outer growth that we find our comfort zone.

We conduct an in-depth exploration of the Art, with focus on its functionality. Just like the Japanese sword, Karate-Jutsu is a “terrible and efficient weapon combining a beauty of form with an elegance of function.”

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