Karate in England

There are an estimated 150,000 Karateka (practitioners) in England. The majority practice two to three times a week to keep fit and in pursuit of the ultimate goal of a Black Belt. It is very common for practitioners to start as children and continue to practice as senior citizens.

There are many styles of Karate but Karateka tend to mix well together and enjoy comparing training methods and techniques and show respect for each other; visitors to dojos from other styles and associations are almost invariably made welcome.

Karate is the largest Martial Art in the country and is practised by both sexes and involves many from poorer areas.

Sport England and the CCPR recognise this inclusivity and Karate is seen as meeting all their requirements of equity, ethnicity, gender and age and as having a code of conduct which is socially highly beneficial. Karate is recognised by the educational establishment as a criteria for GCSE and A Level in Physical Education.

Article extracted from: http://www.karateengland.org.uk/news.html

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