Karate and spirituality

The reality is that we don’t know: we have been misinformed, knowledge and information have been concealed and, occasionally properly deceived with the help of millions of pounds of marketing campaigns and advertising.

We don’t know how to breath, we don’t know how to keep our posture and, above all, we don’t know how to eat.

Feeling depressed for no reason? Suffering of stress and anxiety? Work getting on top of you? Not feeling peace at home? Don’t seek for pills and tablets straight away, give yourself a real chance: change your diet, find a hobby and exercise. How very obvious, right?

As a rule of thumb, we can do by eating half of the amount of whatever we are eating every day. Give up white refine sugar (deadly drug), coffee and sugary fizzy drinks completely. Stick to your five-a-day. Stretch your body 10 min every day and stop for 15 min every day to breath deeply (inhaling slowly and focusing on the long slow exhale) while empty your head of every day thoughts. Feel how you slow down, going to a stand-by mode.

At bed time, recreate yourself with positive thoughts: your family, the people you love, your daughter, your dog. Try to remember funny things that made you laugh. Fall asleep with positive fun thoughts and memories.

Education, real education, start at home. We are role models to our children. We are everything they look up to. Exercise on front of your children and let them join you, which they will. Don’t argue on front of them. Have, at least, one healthy meal at the table with all the family members every week. Ask your children for help when you are cooking to make them feel part of the meal they will be having.

When you are eating meat, think and feel what you are doing: thank, internally, the animal that died on your benefit as you are absorbing its energy. When you are eating fruit and vegetables, think of the energy from the sun and water which you are now absorbing. Be spiritual with your food and don’t just eat it without consideration. Where possible, try to eat organic food. The money you can save by eating half of the amount  can be spend on good quality food. Try to fast one day a week. What a misconception this is: fasting is not starving.

Ignorance is not an excuse any more. Read and inform yourself. It’s not about how long we will live, but the quality of the years we live.

Being spiritual is part of karate-do.

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