Sunday 8th Training

Very good and intense karate session witih Brad Candy this afternoon. 2h working kihon: kekomi mae geri chudan (front and back legs) studying distance and how to anticipate to an attacker by taking an offensive approach almost at the same time as the attacker attempts to strike.

Mae tsuki and yako suki paying attention to hip rotation (opening and closing the hip), shime, tsukite hikite. Full po…wer in every strike.

Transation exercises when moving from one stand to another keeping centre of gravity low and not raising head up & down, especially in shiko dachi.

Loads of neko-ashi dachi, shuto uke, uraken uchi and yako tsuki. Pad work, free weights and sets of 50 uninterrupted punches to the bag at full speed/power.

Geikisai Ichi and Ni, when exhausted, to finish off the session!

Teaching karate-do is nothing but pointing the student the doors to be opened. Only him or her can actually walk the path…

Well done, Brad!

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