Matt Bennett passed KJG Shodan test

Matt Bennett (1st Dan KJG)

Matt Bennett (1st Dan KJG)

It is with pleasure to share that Matt Bennett has passed his KJG shodan grading after 2 days of training and testing.

At KJG we truly grade over a continuous evaluation that last months not a few hours. In line with all karate jutsu traditions, once level of competency has been shown and achieved the new status is recognised, without further ceremony. A test doesn’t make you a black belt, training does. Each grading is unique and each student undertakes their own grading test, unique to their karate journeys, in order to demonstrate the required level of competency. This is a more comprehensive, tough and fair way to assess a student’s karate.

We look at the best way to assess standards and that is not by following a prescriptive approach.

Matt joined us a a black belt from his previous organisation, less than a year ago, where he trained for many years. Matt was very well schooled and showed very solid basics and understanding of karate when he first joined us. Throughout the year there has been a profound transition in his karate, and the way he has adapted to the karate-jutsu practised at SKA/KJG is remarkable.

Matt’s key strengths are a very solid and strong physic, a sound understanding of bio-mechanical principles to both, execute and coach peers; a creative mind to embrace change and fast learning agility.

On a personal note, Matt has been and still is extremely humble on his approach to karate. A gentle giant who has met the ‘hulk within‘ and is now allowing to take out for a ride every now and then.

Matt is an asset to SKA and the wider KJG organisation and I look forward to many years studying and training karate together.


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