Karate Class Blog

Good karate session!! Teaching tonight highlighted the fact that, although karate seeks for natural body mechanics applied to self-defence, the moves aren’t obvious. Initially it needs to be broken down to more manageable moves. Coordination, balance, speed and acuracy is key. My students worked the brain as much as their bodies. It’s great feeling to see when they get the sequence and rationale right.

Karate really seeks for simplicity and softness in the technique, yet it is a long, complex path to reach that simplicity. I’m still working on it myself, and often corrected.

Karate must be felt as much as it must be understood, if not more.

‘Softness’ and is badly misunderstood. Soft does’t mean weak and hard doesn’t mean strong. Water is soft and the rigid tree is hard. Who breaks who on a furious contest?

Very happy with today’s class with both kids and adults.

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