JFK Goju Kai Kumite Seminar

Between Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th of June, Leo Lipinski assisted by Paul Coleman 7th Dan, Rasto Mraz 7th Dan, Abel Figureido 6th Dan and Vitor Gomes 6th Dan delivered an outstanding seminar which was based on kihon kumite techniques and advanced katas. Unfortunately, Fujiwara Sensei couldn’t make it this time due to his dad being ill.

On a personal level, I was looking forward to my 2nd Dan JFK Goju Kai and Seiwakai grading, but on Sunday morning I pulled my hamstring pretty badly and I had to retire from the seminar and was unable to test for my 2nd Dan. I’m utterly gutted as I have trained pretty intensively and worked on my sanchin, tensho and seiyunchin katas, as well as on my basic kihon and kumite.

I’m now out of action for some 4 weeks, but as soon as my leg is better I will be back training.

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