Friday night training

Fantastic class last night with a few new faces and quite a special guest.

Miranda (with a TaeKwon-Do background) and Alison (new to martial arts) joined us for a trial session and Ben Craft (and old wolf karateka) joined Brad, Westley, Donny and Myself tonight.

Fantastic feeling in a sweaty and technical class explaining why we do what we do in Goju-Ryu karate and doing it. Quite a bit of work on basic kihon ocassionaly using pads to add some cardio to the techniques. And a bit of sparring.

Ben Craft has been out of action for a while BUT let me say something: he still got it! His sparring is fantastic with proper Goju moves and I am humbled by his attendence and following the class and giving it all. As well as helping with other students.

Brad is wearing a red belt because he hasn’t been graded. His sparring has a much darker colour and so feels my right chick. Well done Brad, karate technology is sinking in very nicely.

We need more kata workout and we will ask Shihan Paul Coleman to come down very soon.

We are bulding a dojo around a group of committed people who want to learn from each other outside any sort of politics. Very refreshing!!

A cheeky beer after training was a must.

Love karate!!

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