The Surrey Karate Academy Karate Kid classes are aimed at teaching children respect which extends beyond the class. The children are expected to show respect in the community and this is supported by asking the parents and school teachers about their behaviour.

We offer karate training for children from 6 years old. Karate Kid classes use fun combined with life skills and achievement awards that are built on simple less-aggressive martial arts skills.

Discipline is an important part in teaching self defence to children and is taught in a non-threatening way. Good behaviour is rewarded with positive reinforcement by the karate instructors (senseis) and the class is taught to recognise and appreciate good behaviour.

Children’s karate is touch contact and all children must wear protective sparring gear to maintain safety. The sparring gear is fun to put on and looks really cool in class.

Fun is an important feature in teaching children and this helps build good rapport in the class. Parents are expected to help out occasionally and may be asked to hold pads for the kids to strike. In fact we want the parents to train too!

We teach anti bullying and stranger danger strategies and these are extended to the parents watching class.

Children practising karate learn to work towards a clear and structured objective. They get a real buzz by passing their tests and changing their belts all the way to the dreamed black belt. This grading system allow them to be part of their own success which only comes AFTER hard work and dedication. Karate does indeed develop the urge to improve and become better at it because belts are not given away, but gained and deserved.

Through consistent practice of karate, kids will not only learn a skill for life and how to defend themselves, but also helps improving their behaviour. Thus, some of the immediate benefits are:

  • self-respect and respect to others kids an adults
  • attention to detail: listening and observational skills
  • increase their confidence
  • stamina
  • flexibility
  • strength
  • balance
  • concentration
  • co-ordination
  • discipline

Parents couldn’t be any prouder of their kids when they see them passing their tests and performing those marvellous kicks and strikes. But remember, adults can reap the same benefits too!

Call now and don’t forget to include your name, address, phone number and age of student if enquiring for a child.

We ONLY accept emails from parents and not the children themselves.